Monday, October 31, 2011

Ginger Cookies (Special Food Of Sukabumi)

Usually, many people consume food  without  knowing the benefit of it. Is that food healthy? Maybe that food isn’t healthy. Because usually many foods which used  preservative. Rarely foods which used from natural material and have some benefits.

The strengths of my business for ginger cookies are:
1.       Ginger cookies have delicious taste.
2.       Ginger cookies are good for our health.
3.       Ginger cookies are very cheap.
4.       Ginger cookies are practical.
The weakness of my business for ginger cookies, that ginger cookies only have one shape. I come from Sukabumi. In Sukabumi there are many home industries. One of them is PD ANIMO which produces healthy cookie. That is ginger cookies. The main ingredient of ginger cookies  is ginger. As we know, ginger is herbal plant which has some benefits. Ginger has:
1.       Gingerol. Gingerol can decreas colesterol.
2.       Serotonin. For cough medicine.
Other benefit of ginger, that ginger can use to warm our body.
 The treat of my business for ginger cookies are many competitors and ginger cookies not sell in supermarket, so not every body knows ginger cookies. The opportunity of my business  for ginger cookies, that we can make new shapes and ginger cookies can use as souvenir from Sukabumi.

Many people choose something because the excellence of it. Ginger cookies have the excellences, as foods which